Most boarding kennels will require vaccination records before taking your pet. Ensure that your vaccinations are up to date and make sure any boosters are given a couple of weeks before your pet is due to be boarded. Talk to the boarding kennels to find out what their policies are in this regard.
Check out the boarding kennel prior to booking. Things to be aware of include:

  • Size of kennels
  • Are pets allowed out of the kennels to run in the day
  • Are the pets exposed to natural light
  • How many kennels are there?
  • Does the environment seem clean and it does not smell bad?
  • Are the staff friendly, polite and welcoming?
  • Are there requirements as to health, behaviour and so forth?
  • Does it appear overcrowded?
  • Are they able to administer medication if needed?
  • Do you have to bring your own food or do they provide?
  • Can you ask that your pet be fed a specific diet?
  • Which veterinarians do they use in the case of an emergency?

Smaller facilities with fewer animals may result in a quieter, calmer stay for your pet. Adequate hygiene and ventilation is important to ensure the health of your pet during their stay. If they do not ask for vaccination records, you will want to avoid them as this is a legal requirement to prevent the spread of disease. Most boarding facilities will ask about your pet’s general health, any previous issues they may have had and if there is anything they need to look out for. They will also need exact times and dosage instructions if your pet needs to have medication administered. Ensure that you provide extra medication for pets on chronic medication in case of a delay in fetching them or an accidental spillage. You can also indicate your preferred vet should your pet need assistance while you are away.

If your pet has health problems or needs a special diet, you need to inform the kennel prior to booking. Some places do not have the ability or facilities to deal with pets that have health conditions. If they are able to administer medication ensure that you note the name of the medication, dosage and frequency for each medication to avoid errors. Ensure you send enough medication to allow for accidental spills or extended stays. The kennel should also be able to reach you while you are away in the event that your pet may need to see a vet while you are away.

The best facilities will be calm and relaxed and have well trained helpful staff. They should have a high standard of hygiene and effective methods in place for dealing with emergencies.

Book a consultation if you need to have vaccinations done prior to your pet going into boarding facilities.

There are a number of good boarding facilities in the areas. For your convenience, here are two of the facilities available in the area:

Hanrob Pet Hotel

To make a booking please contact Hanrob on 02 8508-3222 or Alternatively, for more information visit their website

Meadowmist Boarding Kennels and Cattery

To make a booking please contact Meadowmist Boarding and Cattery on 02 9627-2395 or Alternatively, for more information visit their website