We have ultrasonography equipment on hand to assist in the evaluation and diagnosis of your pet. After a thorough physical exam, the vet may require an ultrasound to be done. The ultrasound scan can assist in diagnosing a variety of diseases especially those that affect the heart or abdomen.

This is a painless procedure that makes use of inaudible sound waves to produce images of internal structures inside your pet’s body. The image is created on the screen based on the way the sound waves are absorbed or bounced back by the body tissues. Extensive training is required to interpret the images as well as use the equipment. The ultrasound scans are mostly used for fluid-filled or soft organs such as the bladder, kidney, liver and heart. It is not as effective on air-filled organs such as the lungs or harder structures such as bones.

Ultrasounds are usually booked in advance and the pet will be admitted on the morning of the day they are to have the ultrasound. It is preferable that they be admitted on an empty stomach as a sedative may need to be administered to get an effective ultrasound image. In the case of an emergency, an ultrasound may be done immediately. The area to be scanned is usually shaved. The scan is pain free although there may be mild discomfort from the pressure. A probe is placed on the shaved area and the area is coated with a water soluble gel for easier movement of the probe. On completion of the scan, the vet may be able to give a diagnosis or recommend further testing. On diagnosis, the vet will be able to discuss the best course of treatment for your pet.