Most soft tissue surgery can be carried out in the fully equipped surgical suite here. Soft tissue surgery relates to any surgery which does not involve bones. This can include lumpectomy, desexing, laparotomies for exploration, biopsies, caesareans, removal of foreign bodies in the intestines, stitching of wounds and more.

Removal of lumps is one of the most common surgeries. If there is a possibility of the lump being cancerous, a biopsy may be required before removal. This allows the vet to determine the best way to proceed for an optimal outcome. Lumps can be sent to the laboratory for analysis after removal. Most lumps are harmless (benign), but some are malignant (cancerous). Removal of cancerous growths needs to be done as soon as possible and further treatment can commence after a firm diagnosis. Ensure that any lumps are checked out by your vet as soon as possible.